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Scandinavian Capital Markets

Scandinavian Capital Markets is a leading Swedish asset-manager in the forex and currency market with one of the most successful trading strategies in the market.
Located in the heart of the Scandinavian capital Stockholm, SCM provides its investment clients with intelligent and innovative strategies to preserve and grow their wealth with a world class team of management and analysis professionals with a highly proven track record.

Our investment philosophy is simple

To grow and create a long-term sustainability for our clients in the largest financial market in the world by aiming to outperform most other asset classes, including major equity indices. We are committed to producing consistent high net returns within a risk-controlled environment by applying a range of rigorously tested trading strategies combined with our unique technology infrastructure.

No fixed or management fees

SCM only works with a performance fee based on the “High Watermark principle”. It is therefore 100% free to have your account with us. 

No lock-up or binding period

SCM does not lock up or work with binding periods in its discretionary management. The capital is always liquid and can be realized at the click of a button. Redemptions generally take 4-5 banking days.

Uncorrelated returns

The investment has low correlation to the stock market and other asset classes and can provide a more balanced portfolio.     

 Risk-adjusted returns with low correlation

Scandinavian Capital Markets trading strategies have been developed through many years of research and experience and are utilized and traded on behalf of many hedge funds, institutions, corporations and High-Net Individuals.

SCM’s trading strategies incorporate macro-economic views and technical analysis that seek to not only outperform major benchmark and stock indices but also to generate uncorrelated and risk-adjusted returns that offer true diversification. 


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