Scandinavian Capital Markets is a global macro fund seeking capital appreciation by generating high absolute returns through trading the foreign exchange (FX) market. By utilizing quantitative analysis, fundamental biases and technical setups, SCM’s trading models seek to profit and generate capital appreciation through active short term FX volatility and trade management. The trading team includes former Head of portfolios and trading managers from a number of the world Tier-1 banks including Citigroup, Barclays and Morgan Stanley.


Our investment philosophy is to generate uncorrelated, risk-adjusted returns that offer true diversification, which protects the portfolios of our clients from adverse market moves. From our many years of experience and knowledge in trading the FX markets, we aim to achieve our goal of producing excess returns through manager skill and wise investment decisions. Our primary success is measured by our ability to generate higher returns that is not a direct result of increased risk.

Faith in the market

SCM’s market philosophy is based on the perception that all market climates offer the options of growth and success. Our trading systems have shown positive trading results even during the most turbulent times when the overall world economy has taken a downturn. This further fortifies our conviction that the markets always offer advantageous trading opportunities.