SCM offers advantageous cooperation opportunities to introducing brokers, hedge fund managers and franchisees all over the world. We place great emphasis on our partners accepting and living up to SCM’s business policy and acting in accordance therewith and in accordance with the legislation that applies to the region in which the partner is active.

Introducing brokers

SCM offers introducing brokers the opportunity to broaden their customer base and product portfolio by introducing their customers to SCM’s growing product range. SCM wants to grow in line with its partners and offers introducing brokers competitive profit sharing models, training, full support and all other tools that they need to become successful alongside us. The main task of an introducing broker is to introduce customers to SCM’s management solutions and act as a representative of the company. The broker has a major responsibility in all respects to represent SCM correctly, in a business-like way and in accordance with SCM’s business policy. Where an introducing broker already has an existing customer portfolio, SCM can tailor a “management fund” that is uniquely adapted to the introducing broker’s wishes.

Institutional partners

SCM’s specialist competence in the development of unique trading models adapted to market climate, target yields, risk profiles and various additional factors makes us an attractive partner. SCM’s high frequency trading systems for the currency spot market can be adapted to play a central role in a hedge fund or be modified to function as a complement to a broader financial instruments portfolio. Institutional partners are offered the opportunity to avail themselves of SCM’s competence and acclaimed trading models in a flexible way where we always endeavour to achieve the objective of each partner.



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