Arif Alexander Ahmad
Arif began his career at the financial media company CNBC in London where he cultivated a keen interest in the financial markets. After moving back to Sweden in 2008, he has been involved in several financial startups including a global educational firm focused on currency trading and research and was the Head of Sales at one of Sweden’s first brokerage firms. Today, Arif Alexander is the Managing Partner of Scandinavian Capital Markets (SCM), which he co-founded in 2011. Arif speaks four languages fluently, including Swedish, Finnish and Indian.
* Production – CNBC Europe Tonight
* Research – CNBC European Closing Bell
* Co-founder / Managing Partner – DMBFX
Joakim Lange
Board Member
Joakim Lange has over 20 years experience in the securities and financial markets around the world. He has held several senior roles in the capital markets sector in Europe, Middle East and Africa and was the Vice President for NasdaqOMX and Swedbank Markets with focus on risk and development.
* Swedbank Markets (Vice President and Area Manager)
* NASDAQOMX (Vice President EMEA)
* World Bank / IFC (Senior Advisor, Capital Markets Development)
David Bouchahda
Chief Investment Officer (CIO)
David began his financial career as a Credit Risk Portfolio Analyst at Barclays Bank in London and has throughout his career accumulated extensive experience in institutional trading and risk management strategies through an array of asset classes. He held the position as Head of Portfolio and Chief Investment Officer at several of the world’s biggest Tier-1 investment banks including:
* Lloyds TSB London – Head Of Portfolio
* Citigroup EMEA Region London – Vice President Portfolio Optimization
* Barclays Bank London – Portfolio Strategy
* GE Capital Bank Paris – Credit Risk Analyst
Ruben Wandemar
Head of Business Development
Ruben has many years of experience in FX trading when he worked both as a proprietary trader and, in recent years, with business development and marketing strategies. Today, he is the Head of Sales and Marketing responsible for Scandinavian Capital Markets products in the Nordic region.