All transactions on the currency spot market are speculative and all investments should be made using risk capital that is not crucially required. There may be a considerable risk of losses on the currency spot market and all transactions completed by Scandinavian Capital Markets SCM AB are at risk of capital loss. You should consider carefully whether such investments are appropriate to you, taking into account your financial assets. We advise everyone to seek independent advice regarding issues concerning investments on the currency spot market. Some trading strategies that are applied by Scandinavian Capital Markets SCM AB utilise mathematical analyses relating to market performances at the time. The benefit of a trading strategy based on this type of historical analysis is determined by the relation between future price movements and historical prices and the indicator values as well as the ability of the strategy to adapt the trade to future market conditions. No information on this website should be understood to constitute financial advice from Scandinavian Capital Markets SCM AB. It is published for information and marketing purposes.